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*white 20-something on tumblr voice* buy me pizza and touch my butt I’m so lonely netflix

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Underworld USA - Cold Cave

They said the meek shall inherit the earth
oh god that seems like so much work
I want to sing and dream and drink and cry
and let this night pass me by

oh take me to the future, I’m ready
my affection is so unsteady
I can think up tomorrow
I can sleep through today
as the sun melts the ice caps away

I’ll carry your cross now baby
it’s a blasphemous world today
we are the tender missionaries
from the Underworld, USA

It is so easy to confess
when you are guilty of nothing less
than a crooked, wretched,
stupid, tepid indifference

take me to your bedroom, I’m ready
my complexion is so unsteady
I remember tomorrow
I forget yesterday
I want to move into your body and stay

Can you take me to your heaven, I’m ready
I know the weight of my heart is too heavy
I will love you with all of the love that I have
even if that means there’s none left for me

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Mizery // Injustice 4 All

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horny for a meaningful relationship

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Leave a ‘would you ever’ in my ask

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Hair game: perfect

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Best Coast | No One Like You

If I sleep on the floor
Will it make you love me more?
If I pack up my things and leave
Can I still be the queen to your king?

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Happy Born Day, KRS-One!


Happy Born Day, KRS-One!